Prosperity – 3 John 1:2
May 21, 2011
A Wednesday in September
October 23, 2011

I Saw a Man Today

hand mirror

I saw a man today.
In his face etched with a decoupage of his past.
Furrowed with worry lines
That spoke of unwelcomed events
That came at unwelcomed times.

Telltale signs revealed many years gone by.
Days of joy and pain,
Days of wonder,
Days of loss,
Days of sunshine and rain.

The aging face disclosed signs of wear.
More days past than remaining,
Goals unreached,
Plans fleeting.

Smile lines exposed moments of laughter,
Grins and kisses,
Even frowns at the discouraging
News that sometimes comes
With the tides of life.

The mosaic of his past
Played out in decisions long now history.
Things wished changeable
Now stored only in memory.

More than a past, I saw a future.
Courage, bravery, and victory
Over enemies yet encountered,
Visions yet revealed.

I paused a moment more for reflection,
Contemplation, meditation,
For one more look into the mirror.

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