Phineas’s Problem
January 22, 2012
The Case of the Vanishing Shoes
February 5, 2012
Phineas’s Problem
January 22, 2012
The Case of the Vanishing Shoes
February 5, 2012

The Familiar Face

“Let’s have a celebration lunch. I’ll buy,” Wendy said to Rosalyn as they entered the East Bay Golf and Tennis Club restaurant. “Your last slammin’ backhand down the side was the clincher. Wow, what a beautiful shot.”

“I think there was little luck involved, but anyway thanks for the compliment,” Rosalyn said just bubbling with excitement.

“Here’s a table, near the window. We can watch the hackers on the driving range.” Rosalyn pulled out her chair.

“That puts us in the semi’s now,” Wendy raved.

“And we finally unseated Polly and Rhoda. It’s time they finally lost,” Rosalyn said.

“Oh, speaking of Wilma and Betty, they just came in. Probably going to soothe the pain of losing,” Wendy snickered.

“Wendy, why do you always call them Wilma and Betty?”

“Because they are prehistoric, you know the Flintstones.”

Rosalyn trying to stifle a laughing outburst finally said, “Wendy, you’re awful.”

“Hello, ladies. What will you two have to drink?” the waiter asked.

“I’ll have water and a grilled chicken salad with olive oil and lemon,” Wendy said looking up at the blue-eyed blonde waiter.

“I’ll have the same, except I want Ranch Dressing. This is a celebration salad,” Rosalyn said to the waiter.

“Congratulations, ladies. I take it you won your match this morning.”

“And we’re moving on up,” Wendy chimed in. The waiter laughed as he left to their drinks.

“Don’t look now,” Wendy said looking down at the table, “but that man sitting over by that big picture of Jack Nicklaus is strangely familiar.” Rosalyn turned to look toward the picture. “I told you not to look,” Wendy whispered, still studying the table.

“He doesn’t look familiar to me. Kind of scruffy looking if you ask me.”

“Oh, that’s the new look now. I don’t like it myself. I like a clean-shaven guy,” Wendy said. “But he sure is familiar. I’ll think of where I saw him.”

“It was on TV last night,” Wendy blurted.

“What was on TV last night?” Rosalyn said looking puzzled at the remark.

“Where I saw him. I’m sure I saw him on TV, on the news.”

“Why was he on the news?”

“I’m thinking. I think he made a court appearance for something,” Wendy said.

“What for? Now you got me all interested.”

“Oh no, he smiled at me,” Wendy said.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, I’m sure. How embarrassing.”

“It was for beating his wife. Now I’m beginning to remember,” Wendy looked like her brain was in high gear.

“Oh, that’s awful,” Rosalyn winced.

“Now he has some other guys meeting him. He’s going to play golf. They are going to allow him to play golf here. I don’t believe it,” Wendy said watching three men taking sets at his table.

“I thought they had some rules about that sort of thing, some ethical something or other about being here at the club,” Rosalyn said.

“Ladies, here are your salads. Enjoy,” the waiter said placing the large bowls in front of them.

“Where’s my lemon?” Wendy asked.

“I’m sorry. I’ll be right back with the lemon. Need anything else?”

“Nothing, thanks,” Rosalyn said without looking up.

“I should have a talk with Brian the manager. I’m sure he’d be interested to know who he has allowed in here,” Wendy said.

“You should say something. A person isn’t even safe in a nice restaurant. He must get violent if he beats up his wife. He really has a problem.”

“And they are going through a nasty divorce. That’s probably why they had a fight. It’s always the money. They don’t want to give up any of it,” Wendy said raising her voice so Rosalyn could hear over the noise.

“That’s for sure. When my husband divorced me, I had to get a good lawyer, just to get a paltry little monthly payment. What a joke.”

“And that guy over there is the poster boy for them all.”

“Well, he is kind of handsome,” Rosalyn said taking a quick peek again. “Oh no, Wendy, I think he’s coming over here. He must know we’re talking about him.”

“He is? Oh goodness, he’s coming directly toward us.”

“Hi ladies. Aren’t you Wendy Madison?” he said politely looking into her eyes..

“Uh, yes. I’m Mrs. Madison.”

“I’m Trey Williams. I think I saw you at the company picnic. Your husband works in my department. Oh, gotta go, tee time in 15 minutes. Nice to meet you.”

“Yes,” Wendy managed to say.

“I guess that’s where you saw him. Boy did you blow it. You had you husband’s boss doing 10 to life,” Rosalyn said rubbing it in.

“All right, so I made a little mistake.” Red faced, Wendy took a bite of salad.