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January 19, 2013
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January 21, 2013

God of NOW – Part 1

Here’s an interesting thought:  NOW is always NOW. It’s not necessarily an earth-shattering statement until you start digging into what the word “now” really means. Now is not referring to sometime in the distant future. You may make the statement, “Come on; I’ve got to go now”. You aren’t saying you’ve got to leave at some time in the future. You’re saying you want to go right then, at that moment, and not later.

We need to understand the meaning of NOW in the Word and see how it affects our individual lives. The interesting thing about now in the Bible is that when you read the same scripture at another time, it will still be now. I like to think of the now as current, present time where nothing it refers to changes; therefore, at a later date it’s still current, today, now.

In this New Year, we need to understand and see God’s meaning of now in light of His Word, in what He has said, and its meaning in our lives today and this year. God’s Word is forever settled in Heaven. That means it is still current; it has meaning for you today, right now.

You’ll find that some of the references in the King James Version use various Greek words for now. Not all of them refer to a current time element.That’s why it’s important to look at surrounding verses because the meaning may be a transition from previous verses. In those particular cases the word “now” means “certainly” or “accordingly”, or even “therefore”. We’ll mention some of these references in our study.

As you follow this study, always keep in mind that now is now. Webster says that now is “at the present time or moment.” With that in mind, let’s look at Psalm 95:8 that says:  today [now] if you will hear His voice, harden not your heart as in the day of provocation (quarrel, rebellion, or strife)….” God spoke to Israel about the condition of their heart, and this verse reminds us that today we should not refuse to hear what God says to us. If we do, our hearts can harden and we can easily be in opposition to God, His blessings and abundance in our lives.

Today—now—is the time to hear from God, so open your heart and mind and see the God of now moving in your midst. We’ll continue our study tomorrow.

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