Grace and Peace To You This New Year
January 1, 2013
Jesus Is Life
January 3, 2013
Grace and Peace To You This New Year
January 1, 2013
Jesus Is Life
January 3, 2013

Making Adjustments in 2013

Have you had to make any adjustments in your life?  I’m sure you have—in fact, we all have. Adjustments are part of life; they’re part of growing up and moving forward. What better time than the first of a New Year to talk about adjustments and adjusting.

Some folks “adjust” better while other folks have a hard time adjusting to changes or new additions to their life. Adjustments are good for you. Any time you have a situation where you need to make a change, or an adjustment, you are learning to grow through the adjustment, the change. In fact, Peter tells us in 2 Peter 3:18 that we are to grow and keep growing as believers. Grow in what you ask? To start with, grow in grace:

“But grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior…”

Growing in Grace ties into your spiritual growth as a believer. While you grow in grace you should also be growing in the knowledge of your Lord—learning more about Jesus, understanding more what He has purchased for you, walking in greater dimensions of His grace, favor, love, and peace. And while you are growing in grace, hopefully you are making daily adjustment in your life. But whether the adjustments are daily or just now and then, God’s Grace (His power working on your behalf, His favor) is sufficient to meet any need you have, any situation you encounter, anything that needs changing in your life. His Grace will enable you to adjust to what needs adjusting. Whether you need an adjustment related to what you do, your job, or something you feel the Lord wants you to change. God’s Grace is sufficient so you can adjust to anything in your life.

Meditate on how His Grace is enabling you to make necessary adjustments today, and be prepared and willing this New Year to make further adjustments as He directs you. Here’s as easy way to remember how to adjust:

-eclaring my
-ustification through Christ
-nder His
-hed Blood that
-ransforms me
-nto His image
-o longer seeking my
-oals but His purpose in my life.

That’s growing — in Grace.