Philippians Favorites – 2:12, 13
July 6, 2013
Philippians Favorites – 3:7, 8
July 8, 2013

Psalms 119 – Introduction

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Blessed are those who keep His testimonies,
who seek Him with their whole heart;”
Psalm 119:2 (ESV)

Have you ever just wanted to really dig into the Word of God and gather all the nuggets of truth and encouragement you could? Any time you spend in God’s Word you’ll always be encouraged and your faith strengthened as you feast on it. For the next month or so we’ll be spending time looking specifically at Psalm 119, but today we’ll gain an overview that will prepare us for a deeper revelation of God’s Word in this Psalm. I hope you’re ready.

This particular Psalm is actually the longest chapter in the Bible with 176 verses.  It is also unique in how it is laid out. Each stanza of eight verses follow the letters of the Hebrew alphabet and are in alphabetical order. In our study you’ll not only gather nuggets of truth from God’s Word, but you just might learn a little bit about the Hebrew language in the process.

Many refer to Psalm 119 as an “acrostic” psalm because it contains each of the 22 Hebrew consonants, in order; and each “stanza” contains 8 verses, with the first word of each verse beginning with a letter from the Hebrew Alphabet. Thus, verses 1-8 each begin with “aleph”, the first letter of the alphabet in Hebrew.  Verses 9-16 begin with the next letter of the alphabet, “beth”, etc. My New International Version gives the Hebrew symbol and the letter of the Hebrew alphabet before each separated stanza.

As we look at these individual ‘stanzas’ through Psalm 119, I encourage you to spend more time meditating on the verses in each and allow the Holy Spirit to minister and speak directly to you.

It’s fascinating that this entire Psalm focuses on the Word of God, and it will also be referred to as the Law, His Testimonies, commandments, statutes, and precepts. Through our study not only will you see what the Word of God is, you’ll learn what the Word of God does for you, how you can walk in the light of the Word, and the benefits and blessings of knowing the Word. We’ll also tie in New Testament verses as we study Psalm 119 because Jesus was the Word manifested to us (John 1:1). The more you learn and know God’s Word, the more you’ll know who Jesus is in your life.

You’ll be blessed—happy, to be envied—as you walk in the Word of God. God’s Word is His power, the expressed picture of who He is, and all that He has for you. Read through verses 1-8 and you’ll be ready when we dig in for more revelation and encouragement in the Word of God in our next study. (In our study we’ll be using the English Standard Version, ESV).

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