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October 12, 2013
God Is For You
October 14, 2013

What Will You Believe?


“Nevertheless the centurion believed the master and the owner of the ship,
more than those things which were spoken by Paul.”

Acts 27:11

If you read this entire chapter you find Paul being transported via ship and the difficulties the ship and its master had along the journey. Verse 11 really caught my attention when I read through the chapter, though. God had spoken to Paul and told him they would all be saved no matter what they encountered on this journey, and Paul shared God’s promise with them, but they didn’t heed it.

How many times do we go with the crowd or the religious ideas when God has told us His plans and purposes in His Word? I see a reminder here for all of us to not be swayed by what others say or think but be moved by what God’s Word says. Even in the face of calamity or destruction – anything that comes against you. Will that make a difference? Yes it will.

I recently read the testimony of a mother with a very little boy who was brain-damaged and the doctors, nurses, and everyone else told her to give up because he’d always be that way, never recovering or able to do anything. She didn’t receive what they told her. She prayed and went before the Lord and continued to believe for her son’s healing and restoration. And you know what? She continued seeing improvement and miracles as God touched his body and healed him. He is now living on his own, a young man who is happy and able to make a living for himself. Praise God!

No matter what transpires in your life, what and who will you believe?

I encourage you to put God’s Word first for every choice you have, for every decision you make. God has your best interest at heart, and He’ll provide direction, strength, and encouragement for each step along the way. Believe His Word and His promises because He is faithful.

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