I Got Your Back Jack
November 19, 2013
Happy Childhood
November 21, 2013
I Got Your Back Jack
November 19, 2013
Happy Childhood
November 21, 2013

Psalm 23 – Part 3

sheep following shepherd 2

Psalm 23, Part 3
a Psalm of David

1 “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.”
Psalm 23:1

6 “God has raised us up to sit together in heavenly
places in Christ Jesus,
7 that He would show the exceeding riches of His
grace to us through Christ.”

Ephesians 2:6-7

We saw last time that the Psalmist believed God, and he lived in confident expectation of God’s goodness and provision in his life (Psalm 23:1). He rested in God’s faithfulness and His continual provision. How much more rest we have today because of what Jesus has accomplished for us (Ephesians 2:7).

Many times believers may not be resting in their spiritual walk. Maybe you’ve been there: you’ve made Jesus your Lord, and you continue growing in the Word; but you still feel a need to do something more to get God to do more for you. Does that sound familiar? It is not as a ‘doer’ that you receive rest, but as a believer.

One of the most exciting truths planted deep in my heart is that God has already done everything for me that was needed, that He has placed me in a position of rest, and the only thing I need to do is believe His Word and relax (rest in confidence) in what He has already provided for me in Christ. Wow. That’s the truth of Ephesians 2:6-7.

You’ve already been seated with Christ. That’s the place of rest. You don’t have to wait until you get to Heaven to experience it because your position has already been secured.

It’s no longer you trying to get God to do something for you as in begging Him. It’s no longer feeling you have to fulfill certain requirements before He’ll do something for you; or feeling unqualified for His blessings. He wants you to rest in what He’s already done. He has freely provided everything you’ll ever need. Appropriating His provision is easy. You believe and receive what He’s already done. That’s the rest of faith.

I’m sure you’ve watched a little child standing at the edge of a swimming pool while the daddy coaxed the child to jump to him. The child hesitates, but sees his daddy’s arms are outstretched and his daddy promises to catch him. Trusting his father and believing what he said, the child abandons any fear and jumps joyously into his daddy’s arms. The child rests in daddy’s presence and provision.

The more you’re convinced of God’s great love for you, the more you’ll experience His presence and provision, and the more your walk with Him will be a walk of rest, not of striving to accomplish it yourself.  

We’ll continue looking more at this topic of walking in God’s rest through the eyes of the Psalmist, and I guarantee you’ll get excited about everything that God has already provided for you!