God’s Sleep Aid
December 11, 2013
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December 12, 2013
God’s Sleep Aid
December 11, 2013
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December 12, 2013

The Unexpected Gift

angel by Christmas tree            The air was crisp for December. Light snow had fallen overnight so the trees, bushes, and cars were blanketed in the white powder. Everyone was still asleep, bundled under layers of covers in the tiny house and dreaming of tomorrow’s presents. It would soon be Christmas Day, and the children were excited.

            It had been a very tough year for the family but they’d made it through everything and were thankful. They knew of others who had even less, and the children knew not to expect the latest electronic toys or gadgets or the most expensive boots and clothes. They had all learned to live with a thankful heart no matter what they had.

            Dad had been busy with his work but managed to squeeze enough time in to create something each member of the family would enjoy, and even Mom wasn’t aware of what he had done. She had been busy making each part of their Christmas Day meal special. She would surprise them with the goodies soon and special Christmas cookies she baked.

          The children didn’t have spending money to buy presents for each other but agreed to make a special gift for each other and their parents. Each day they huddled in their rooms working diligently on their presents. Mom had also been busy late at night making new bathrobes for each family member and already had them wrapped and hidden.

            Christmas morning the three children hurried downstairs and nearly stumbled on the last step as they eagerly glanced at the Christmas tree. Where were the presents? They didn’t see anything under the tree except for the little rug they’d placed under it. The tree lights still blinked off and on but wrapped presents weren’t to be seen.

            Mom and Dad joined them and pulled them into a big family hug. “We have the best presents ever,” Mom said and looked at each of them. “Each of you!”

            “But wait,” the middle son said. “We do have presents—the ones we made for each other.”

            Each of the children plus Mom and Dad quickly hurried to their rooms and got the wrapped presents. Both boys had made their sister hair bows with just the colors she liked. She had made each of them a special ring that changed colors when moved and told them it would change their world.

            Mom brought some other packages out to the surprise of the children and they quickly opened them.  A bathrobe fashion show soon followed and Mom’s camera flashed continually. While they were enjoying their gifts, Dad spotted something behind the couch. “Well, look here!” he said pulling five boxes out. Mom was puzzled as he placed one in front of each of them, including himself. “Just a little something I whipped up,” he said with a grin.

            The children were delighted to find hand-made instruments in each box, and eagerly pulled them out. The daughter had a flute; the middle son had maracas, and the youngest had a drum and drumsticks. Dad had a guitar, and Mom a tambourine.

            As each one took their instrument and attempted to play something, a melody soon filled the living room. It was truly melodious, joyful, and just made you want to dance, and so they did.

          The youngest son proudly played his drums. “We got the best gift with our instruments,” he said with a big grin while he kept rhythm.

          While they danced together, playing their instruments, the middle son happened to kick something close to the tree. He stopped and reached down to see what it was.

            “Look everyone! We also got THIS ANGEL!”

            The others starred in disbelieve at first. “What?” “A real angel?”

            The middle son gently handed the small angel to his Mom. “What do we do with an Angel, Mom?”

          With tears in her eyes Mom replied, “We share it with others today. It’s God’s love for everyone.”

          The family gathered quickly in a big hug with Mom and their Angel and bowed their heads and thanked God for His Love and His Son. Immediately their house burst forth in a Heavenly melody that couldn’t be kept inside but spilled outside, filling the street, the block, and the entire town.


What would do you if you got an Angel for Christmas?