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January 6, 2014
Romans 8:1 – No Condemnation In Christ Jesus
January 7, 2014

The Shield of Favor

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“For you, Lord, will bless the righteous; with favor you
will compass him as [with] a shield.”
Psalm 5:12

The other day we saw the shield of protection that David proclaimed in Psalm 3. Today in Psalm 5, we see reference to a different shield, the shield of favor. The Psalmist declares that God blesses the righteous, the theme which he started in Psalm 1.

God is a blessing God. His desire is to bless not curse; to love not hate; to draw to Himself, not push away. A blessing God will keep blessing because that is who He is. David not only knew that but he understood this truth because of already experiencing God’s faithfulness in his life.

So in this passage David declares again that God’s favor will be as a shield, protecting and surrounding him, enveloping him continually. David knew God’s continued favor from his own personal experience. David walked in the blessings of Abraham.

When God’s favor is operating in your life, you will experience doors opening for you that only God could open. You’ll be at the right place at the right time. You’ll meet the right people. You’ll see supernatural provision when by natural means there is absolutely nothing. Just as the Lord provides seed for the birds of the air, He’ll provide and more to you because you are His child.

You’ll see restoration of health and wholeness of body because of God’s blessing and favor: it’s part of God’s salvation package through the finished work of Jesus, and it’s for you. God’s grace, His favor and blessing, is more than enough to meet any and every need you have.

Don’t go into this new year seeing yourself as you’ve been. Don’t see yourself defeated. Don’t see yourself as lacking in any area. Change your focus and begin to see yourself as David himself–highly favored and blessed of God.

See yourself blessed in every area of your life. See God’s shield of favor surrounding you no matter where you live. See God’s favor going before you and following behind you. See His blessings overtaking you. See yourself walking in His divine favor in all that you do because He loves you and He surrounds you with his favor!

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