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January 16, 2014
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January 17, 2014

Who Shall Dwell?

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“Lord, who shall abide [dwell] in Thy tabernacle? Who shall dwell in Thy holy hill?” Psalm 15:1

David ponders a deep question in this psalm because of what he sees around him. He saw the religious folks who said one thing and yet did another thing. He saw those who supposedly loved God, yet spoke against their fellow believers. He continued to see so-called people of God doing evil against each other or anyone else.

So his question was WHO can abide then and dwell in God’s presence? If God is righteous, how can these unrighteous people dwell in God’s presence?

Under the Old Testament and Law, the unrighteous couldn’t dwell in the presence of a Holy God. Man’s efforts and adherence to the Law (10 Commandments) were what allowed him to be right before God. But Jesus came, fulfilled the Law bringing it to an end by establishing a New Covenant in God’s Blessings. The dwelling place of God was now in man. Man could come boldly into God’s presence, bolding into fellowship with His creator, and bolding embrace His grace and blessings.

Don’t be kept away from God’s presence and His dwelling place in you by your self-efforts. Embrace the work of Jesus and abide, dwell, reside in God’s presence. There it is that you can fellowship on a daily basis, minute-by-minute enjoying God’s love and acceptance and His favor in your life.

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