Luke 13
March 20, 2014
2 Corinthians 5:17 – New Creations in Christ
March 21, 2014

A New Heart and Spirit

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“Create in me a clean heart and renew a right spirit within me.”
Psalm 51:10

It was just the other day when we looked at how important our heart is in relationship to what we say, what we speak. Here David prays for a clean heart and a right spirit. This is his heart cry after his involvement with Bathsheba when he sinned against the Lord. He was confronted and immediately sought God’s forgiveness and restoration.

David didn’t want anything blocking his relationship and fellowship with God. He repented and turned back to the God of his salvation. He asked for God’s mercy and grace and found it in restored fellowship and forgiveness.

It’s interesting that his desire for being renewed involves repairing and rebuilding. When something is destroyed or torn apart, it must be repaired. But if it’s beyond repair, then it needs to be rebuilt. God can do both. Today we have God’s mercy and grace in abundance and Jesus already paid the penalty for our sins, so when we know we’ve done wrong, we quickly renew our minds and hearts, turn around and rebuild ourselves in the word of His grace. It will renew us every time.

The right spirit David seeks is one that is established, prepared, and fixed. It’s not moving. He wants his spirit established on better promises-promises of God’s love and grace, not judgment. That’s what Jesus gives: love, grace, and restored fellowship.

If anything has attacked your heart, mind, or spirit, take the Word and renew yourself in what God says about you. Rebuild the walls that have broken down and repair those areas where you need the word of His grace to establish and fix you in His love.

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