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March 14, 2014
2 Corinthians 2:14 – Lead in Triumph
March 15, 2014

What Does Your Tongue Speak

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“….my tongue is the pen of a ready writer…I will make thy name
to be remembered in all generations…”
Psalm 45:1, 17

The Psalmist declares a lot of qualities to the Lord in this particular psalm, and he is eager to share the qualities of His God with others. He makes an interesting statement in verse 1. He says his tongue is like a pen of a writer ready to share what he knows (my interpretation)—his tongue is like a pen of a ready writer. Being a writer, I always have a pen or pencil close by. Writers write, and they need a pen to use. But David’s pen was his tongue—what he said, declared, and shared. His tongue was ready to share God’s Word. It was ready to share God’s love and faithfulness. And from his example we see that he did share and declare. We are recipients of what he shared even today.

Notice in the last verse of this psalm he says what he will do. His tongue will declare God’s Word and God’s works. He will make God’s name to be remembered in all generations. He wanted to share God’s love and goodness with his world. And, here it is how many thousands of years later, he is still making God’s name to be remembered in our generation, today.

How about your tongue? You may not be a writer, and that’s okay. But is your tongue speaking of God’s love in your life? Is your tongue sharing the gospel of grace with others? It may be through acts of kindness and love; it may be through written words and cards; it may even be through sharing with someone else what God has done in your life.

Let your tongue be ready to share His love with those around you. How will they hear unless someone tells them? Let’s declare his name in this generation!

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