Luke 22
April 2, 2014
Luke 23
April 3, 2014

Magnify The Lord

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“Let them shout for joy, and be glad that favor my righteous cause:
yea, let them say continually, Let the Lord be magnified,
which has pleasure in the prosperity of his servant.”
Psalm 35:27

The Psalmist begins in verse 1 by asking the Lord to fight against those who were against him and throughout this verse is seeking God’s deliverance and rescue. He knows that God is able to deliver him, and it is God who will vindicate him. Yes, in the midst of his problems from time to time he wondered where God was, but he never camped there very long. He was always drawn back to praising God for His faithfulness. He knew he would come out strong in the end. 

David wasn’t any different from you or me. He faced trials and difficulties like we do. He had opportunities to fail, and yet through everything he experienced, he continually came back to praising and worshipping the Lord. He didn’t magnify the situation, the problem, or the trouble. It would have been easy to do. Surrounded by armies, arrows flying at him, accusations spoken against him, a pit dug for him…certainly those were situations that could certainly be magnified if he dwelt on them. If he started to dwell on the worst-case scenario, he’d change his focus. It wasn’t on his problem but on God and praising Him; and he knew his situation was bound to change quickly.

Whatever you face today, focus on God’s goodness and power to make a way of escape for you. Focus on who your God is, and who you are IN Him. That will lead you right into praise and worship as you MAGNIFY the Lord. The prosperity of His deliverance and blessings are on their way, so rejoice.

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