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April 25, 2014
Philippians 3:14 – High Calling in Christ
April 27, 2014

What’s Your Portion?

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“Thou art my portion, O Lord…”
Psalm 119:57

When you enjoy an Easter meal or any other meal for that matter, do you enjoy a good portion of food? Spending special occasions with family provides everyone time to eagerly help themselves to as much food as they want to eat. I doubt that you are restricted in eating only one cup of any item, right?

Do you remember the movie, Oliver, when the main character, Oliver, asked for more gruel. He spoke for all the children because they were all hungry. They didn’t like the small portion they were given; they didn’t want a partial small portion. They wanted a decent portion—more than enough for their hungry stomachs.

The dictionary defines Portion as a part of a larger amount; part of something that is shared with other people; the amount of food served to a person at one time.

You can think of portion in terms of eating, but I want you to consider it in terms of your spiritual walk with the Lord. Don’t limit your portion size when it comes to Jesus.  

That said, have you thought about the Lord being your portion?

Many believers just take what they basically need, what I term The Basic Salvation Package (eternal life, freedom from Hell). They may not even realize there’s so much more if someone hasn’t told them there is. They’ve only received a part of a larger amount. The so-much-more is available any time they need it—anytime you need it.

Besides not availing themselves of the so-much-more, they only take a meager portion. It’s not enough to sustain them; it’s just a taste but unfortunately most of the time not enough to even wet their appetite for more.

We’ll be looking at this topic in the next several days but for now, consider what portion of the Lord you have. What else do you desire and do you need?

The Lord is your portion; therefore, you should not be in want.

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