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May 28, 2014
John 3:16 – So Loved in Him
May 29, 2014

Can or Cannot?


Philippians 4:13
“I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.” (NASB)

You’ve heard that verse many times I’m sure. It’s positive encouragement that for whatever task you need to do, you can do it.

But what stops us most of the time when the task or situation seems overwhelming? We usually back off from this verse with an excuse, ‘yeah, but …’ or something like that, don’t we? We shift our focus from God’s ability in our lives to our own ability and what we CANNOT do on our own.

The Lord woke me up the other morning with a picture of the word CANNOT and said when we say we cannot, what we are actually doing is tying Jesus’ ability in a knot; thus,
                               Can KNOT pic 2

I got the picture and meaning immediately. Did you?

God is able to do exceeding abundantly in our lives, but many times I believe we stop him because we want to take over and do it ourselves, thus creating KNOTS – NOTS  in His CAN.

Let’s create less knots/nots as we continue our walk with the Lord. Let’s believe His Word. Let’s believe and know that He IS able to do anything and everything that relates to our lives. Let’s walk in assurance of His finished work for us and enter into His rest.

Don’t let the CANNOTS of yesterday keep you from moving forward today. It doesn’t matter what is ahead of you. You CAN. You CAN learn something new and be better equipped in this world. You CAN grow deeper in your faith as you receive His Word and finished work. You CAN live the abundant life, full of His blessings.

Move forward with Philippians 4:19 and leave the CAN KNOTS behind you!

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