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May 2, 2014
1 Thessalonians 5:18 – Give Thanks In Christ
May 3, 2014

Focus, Focus, Focus

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“The enemy lies to make the problems we face
appear larger than the solutions we carry.”

  Bill Johnson

When I read this quote I remembered what our daughter had shared recently on her website (, and it bears repeating here:

“Have you ever noticed that when something is fresh in your mind, you tend to see it more in your life?

For instance, when I was going to be working on marketing with a certain car dealership, I suddenly started seeing their logo everywhere. I never noticed it before, but suddenly it was popping up everywhere. It was on cars that I parked next to; it was on signs that I saw. Was it that they just had a surge in sales? No, it was where my mind was focused, and so I started seeing it everywhere I went.

I think that the same is true when you focus on God. When you choose to set your mind on Him, then everywhere you go you will see his goodness. You will be on the lookout for it!

Don’t forget, when you do keep your mind on him, He promised to keep you in perfect peace. (Isaiah 26:3)”

Where’s your focus? Have you zeroed in on the minor things in your life? Have you allowed the tiny mound to become a monumental mountain? It’s easy to do when you believe what the enemy has lied to you about. It’s easy when your mind is not kept on the Lord. When you’re not focused, you won’t be in peace.

Let your focus, your attention be on the Lord. Focus on His goodness in your midst. Focus on His grace and provision. Focus on what the Word says. The more you do and the more you align your thoughts and attention on the Word, the more you’ll see the Lord moving in your life. The more you’ll see His favor and grace abounding in your life.

Realize that any problems you face are NOT bigger than your God. Remind yourself of this truth until it is settled in your heart and mind. Don’t remind yourself of your problems. Remind your problems about WHO your God is and what IS doing for you.

Adjust your focus and you’ll see His provision!

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