Acts 5
May 12, 2014
2 Timothy 2:1 – Strong in Grace in Christ
May 13, 2014

Step Forward


Exodus 14:22
”And the children of Israel went into the midst of sea upon the dry ground;
and the waters were a wall unto them on their right hand, and on their left.”

Sometimes does it seem like you’re moving forward—or trying to—but you’re actually not making any progress? It’s kind of like one step forward and two steps backward.

I’m sure we can all identify with that scenario because we’ve probably all been there. But I think too often we focus on the two steps backward and fail to realize that indeed we have moved forward. My case in point: Moses.

There he stood on the edge of the Red Sea with a million people behind him and they ALL need to cross that raging sea quickly. Just a short distance behind all of them was the Egyptian army which was closing in fast. They couldn’t stay where they were or they’d have been slaughtered and not brought into God’s Promised Land.

I’m sure in the natural the Israelites were thinking they were indeed taking steps backward. HOW could they all get ACROSS the Red Sea? How could they escape the Egyptians? I’m sure in the group there were the ones saying “we’re doomed”.

In the earlier verses (Exodus 14:10-14), the children of Israel were at odds with Moses. He told them his instructions from the Lord and then he told them what the Lord said to tell them (verse 15), “tell the people of Israel to go forward.  There it was simply stated: go / move forward.

When Moses held out his staff over the Red Sea, the waters parted before their eyes. They had to move forward and as they did, the waters moved back. Their steps were moving them forward and not backward. The waters moved backward, away from them, as they continued moving forward.

If you’re in a trying time right now or it seems that you’re not making as much progress as you think you should, stop and recognize that as you keep moving forward with the Lord, the waters will part before you and you’ll continue to make forward progress, not going backward.

Keep your focus and concentration of moving forward and you’ll reach the destination the Lord has for you.

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