Romans 11
June 27, 2014
1 John 2:8 – True in Him
June 29, 2014

God’s Point of View


Psalm 103:3
Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all His benefits.

God has always had a POV— point of view—the way He sees things which have been from before the beginning and through eternity. Most of the time we are just plain stuck in our own little worlds. We get stuck with too much of the “I” “me” thinking. We forget God’s point of view on the matter of His Word and our lives. Gradually as we grow in His revelation and grace in our lives, our POV expands. We begin to see God’s perspective on His Word and how it should operate in our lives.

It’s time for us to renew our point of view of God’s promises and what He’s said you and I are in Him. It’s time for us to change the point of view we’ve had and the way we’ve looked at our life. It’s time we recognize that God’s point of view is the right point of view and we need to adopt it as our point of view.

Your current point of view may tell you that you’re not worthy of God’s love and forgiveness because of your past sins and mistakes. That’s your point of view, but it’s NOT God’s point of view.

The Psalmist understood God’s point of view even though he lived before Jesus came. David shares God’s point of view in Psalm 103 by listing the benefits He provides. These benefits are in place today, completed through the finished work of Jesus on the Cross, and continue to proclaim God’s point of view for our lives. Read verses 1-5 and you’ll see God’s point of view extolled: He forgives all our iniquities, sins past, present, and future; He heals all our diseases; He redeems our life from destruction by giving us a new life and relationship with Him through Jesus; He crowns us with His hased, His lovingkindness, grace, and mercy; and He satisfies us with His goodness, and our youth and vitality are renewed.

That’s God point of view—His great love for you through His Son ushers you into life that is full of joy, peace, love, and His grace. Agree with His point of view when you say Jesus loves ME this I know!

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