Acts 24
June 6, 2014
2 Corinthians 5:21 – Righteous in Him
June 7, 2014

In Christ

stirring cream into coffee pic

Colossians 1:27
Christ in you, the hope of glory.

I watched the cream flow into my coffee cup and suddenly what had been a dark, rich color began to change to a smooth tan color, and then something interesting took place. There before me, in my coffee cup, a design formed similar to the shape of a star. I just stared at it for a while. I hated to further stir the cream in my cup and ruin the design but I did anyway. I no longer had just a cup of coffee. I had a cup of coffee with cream inside! Then it struck me.

That’s how our lives are enriched and blended with God’s love and grace when HE flows into our lives. We are no longer by ourselves, alone. We are indwelt by God Himself!

Paul puts it this way in Colossians 1:27 – “Christ in you, the hope of glory”. I don’t think most believers realize the treasure, the power that they have inside them. We’ve been taught we’re just old wretches, old sinners saved by grace and unfortunately we stop there. That’d be like starting to pour the cream into the cup of coffee and stopping part way or only allowing a few drops to mix into your coffee.

The very power of Almighty God resides IN YOU. That’s what we were talking about the other day—Immanuel, God with us. The triune God is not only with us but He is in us. Jesus has come to indwell us by His Holy Spirit. It’s the same God, the same power, the same grace, the same provision. It’s Christ in you.

You can get a much bigger picture of the scope of this tremendous truth when you look at scriptures talking about Christ in you, In Him, etc. I encourage you to take advantage of our free website download, In Christ Scriptures. If you’re doubtful that you have the very power of Jesus Christ in you, then you need to renew your mind and thinking on what God’s Word says.

Just as the cream is blended into the cup of coffee, so is Jesus in you as your powerhouse, your advocate, your provider, your ability beyond what you can do in your own strength. It’s God’s love and grace working in you, so start stirring that cream into your coffee.

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