Romans 16
July 4, 2014
1 John 3:3 – Pure in Him
July 5, 2014

Pressed Upon So You Can Press In

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Luke 5:1

1It came to pass that as the people pressed upon Him to hear the Word of God, He stood
by the lake…and taught the people.

Maybe you’ve been in this situation or one similar: shopping in a store when an announcement is made saying there are free gifts to the first 50 customers at the jewelry department. Of course it peaks your interest, so you hightail it to the jewelry department only to find that you’re some 10 rows of people back and shoved and pushed as you try to press in to be one of the first 50 customers. Not only are you having to deal with the shoving and pushing but you’re trying to hear what the model is saying as she holds up a sparkly bracelet. If only you could press in to hear better, to be closer.

We’re real quick to press in for free gifts at stores or fill out our name and phone number for free giveaways, aren’t we? Can we have that same attitude when it comes to God’s Word and our spiritual walk?

How many times do you press in to hear the Word of the Lord? Let’s be honest now. Do we hunger and thirst after righteousness? Do we taste and see that the Lord is good and desire His goodness above what the world can provide? For most of it, we’re probably not pressing in on a regular basis, right? Even in your daily Bible reading you may just be reading accounts and words but not press in to glean more of God’s transforming truth. The people, who pressed in to hear Jesus share God’s truth in His Word, were hungry. They knew He had something more that they didn’t have. They loved God, but always felt like something was missing. It was.

Many accounts in the New Testament give testimony to those who pressed in and received their healing, their provision. We need to follow their example. You can press in each day as you read the Word. Take a small passage of scripture and meditate on it throughout the day. Think about it. Ask the Holy Spirit to teach you, to reveal greater revelations for you. Expect to receive life-giving, God-breathed revelation when you press in and meditate on His Word. You can start today.

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