Romans 5:15 – The Gift of Grace Through Jesus
August 15, 2014
Romans 5:17 – The Gift of Righteousness By Jesus
August 17, 2014

John 14:6 – The Way, The Truth, The Life

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John 14:6

6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father but by Me.

Perhaps you memorized this Bible verse when you were young. It’s standard believing requirements for every person wanting to know God. If you want to find the way in life by your own merits, you’ll never know which intersection to take. Your way is full of potholes, detours, unexpected delays, frustrations, and dead ends. That’s what you experience if you depend on you without God’s intervention. If you don’t believe that God’s Word is truth, that Jesus demonstrated the truth of God to man, that what He spoke was truthful and backed up by God’s faithfulness, then you’ll be set up to believe a lie. The world is very accommodating to help you believe the lies that are out there. If you think you can have real life apart from God, you’re living short of everything that God has.

These three elements are central in believing that Jesus is God’s provision for your salvation. He’s not mad at you nor does He hold your sin against you because it’s all because of Jesus and His finished work on the Cross. But to cross over from just having head knowledge of what Jesus has done to believing it in your heart by faith, you must believe that Jesus is the only way into a restored relationship with God.

Others have come and gone through the ages and said that through following them, man would find spiritual freedom, enlightenment, etc. But they weren’t sent from the Father. God gave His only Son, Jesus, to stand in your place. What love God has for every person who receives the express representation of His love for you: Jesus.

Following Jesus doesn’t make you weak. It empowers you to live in the fullness of life that God has planned for you. Daily He will direct your steps and show you how to maneuver through the obstacles and difficulties you face. Daily He will highlight His unchanging Word to you with fresh revelation and ‘ah-ha’ moments. Daily He will empower you with His life and ALL that He has provided. It’s all yours so step out in faith and believe ALL that God has for you today in Jesus.

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