2 Corinthians 9
August 8, 2014
Colossians 2:3 – All knowledge in Him
August 9, 2014

Seeing Beyond Your Horizon

Horizon at North Myrtle Beach SC

Horizon at North Myrtle Beach SC

Mark 9:29
Then he touched their eyes saying, According to your faith be it unto you.

The other week when we were at the beach, we realized something: no matter what floor we were on, the horizon of the ocean was at the same level. It was a fascinating realization to see that from the second floor the horizon was at the same level as on the ninth floor. It was interesting to see that the horizon looked the same and was at the same position wherever we were.

A week later we heard a sermon that talked about how we see things from our horizon and immediately I thought of what we had learned at the beach. You and I can see things from our horizon and no matter where we go, the view may be the same. But in our spiritual walk, there is a danger in getting so fixated on a horizon that we end up saying that’s all there is. Perhaps that’s why early explorers thought the world was flat. They, of course, didn’t understand the earth was round, but being so fixated on a flat world they were caught in only thinking that was all there was. They actually limited themselves until someone ventured out beyond what they thought was true; they ventured out and didn’t fall off the world.

The Lord doesn’t want you to be so fixated on the horizon that’s currently in your life. His horizon in your life and in mine I believe is continually changing. God changed the horizon for the children of Israel, didn’t He? He changed the horizon for Saul, didn’t He? Hasn’t He changed your horizon since you accepted His love, forgiveness, and grace?

I believe the Lord wants us to keep our eyes fixed on Him so that when our horizon does change, we aren’t worried or fearful. We shouldn’t be anyway because He’s leading and guiding us and is always with us. He wants us to see the horizon at the moment but be ready to think beyond the current horizon, to be ready to move beyond that horizon, and be ready to have faith to see more and to dream bigger.

Don’t settle for what you see of Him today. Embrace more of His fullness in you until you overflow, and then share that horizon with others.

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