2 Thessalonians 2
September 22, 2014
Hebrews 13:20-21 – Made Perfect Through Christ
September 23, 2014

How’s Your Hearing?

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John 8:47

47 He that is of God heareth God’s words: ye therefore hear them not because ye are not of God.

This is a strong statement that Jesus made to the Pharisees and others who questioned him. They were stuck in their prideful hearts not wanting to hear His truth. If that wasn’t enough, Jesus plainly tells them they are of their father the devil because they haven’t believed what He has told them. He said they should have known Him because they had God’s Word but they did not believe.

The Pharisees were stuck in the rut of their traditions and the Old Covenant. They couldn’t see or hear the liberating truth that Jesus spoke of. They couldn’t grasp it because they didn’t believe what He said and closed their ears to hear. If you are a child of God, born again and transformed by Jesus’ resurrection, then you will hear God’s word.

Jesus said His sheep (His followers) will know His voice and follow Him. As Bill Johnson says “Jesus did not say ‘My sheep will know my book’. His sheep will know His voice. His voice is in the Word. Those who know His voice will also follow Him.

Just as it’s important to develop better spiritual hearing, it’s important to know God’s Word. That why we continually encourage believers in the Word. God’s Word is practical and trustworthy. The more you know His Word and cement it in your heart, the more easily you’ll Him speak to you.

So the question remains: how’s your hearing? Faith comes by continual hearing of God’s Word. Cement the truth of God’s love, acceptance, forgiveness, and grace in your heart and you’ll hear Him speak to you.

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