Romans 6:11 – Alive to God Through Jesus
September 5, 2014
Romans 6:23 – Eternal Life Through Jesus
September 7, 2014

John 14:20 – Your Connection


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John 14:20

20 In that day you will know that I am in My Father, and you in Me, and I in you.

There is an exciting truth in this verse that will truly revolutionize your revelation of God’s presence in your life. Jesus declared that just as He is IN God His Heavenly Father, so you are in Him when you receive His gift of new life. And not only are you IN Him but He is IN YOU. How awesome is that! God is IN YOU.

This is such a powerful verse. It settles the question of your identity. You don’t have to wonder any longer who am I. It also settles your position as a child of God. It settles all doubt on receiving all of God’s provisions for you.

You are no longer alone. It’s not you against the entire world. Your Heavenly Father has not left you orphaned as a believer. Jesus lives BIG IN you.

It’s an amazing picture—Jesus living BIG IN you. And when you look at the meaning of the little word ‘in’ in the Greek, it gives you an ever better revelation of the power of God IN you. So as we look at this verse, Jesus uses the Greek word ‘en’ three times:  in my Father, in Me, in you. It’s a primary preposition in Greek that denotes a fixed position in place, time or state. It refers to a position as in a relation of rest.

That’s a picture of Jesus taking residency in our hearts by faith, living IN us, and in that place or position we can rest in Him because of what He has done for us at the Cross. Whereas in Old Testament times, God was restricted in not being able to live within man because of the sin factor, now because Jesus satisfied the requirement, He now resides IN us. And it’s not just Jesus but the Trinity—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit—living IN you and I.

Because the Godhead lives IN you, you have access to Godly all wisdom and knowledge, peace, joy, healing—all of God’s promises and blessings.  Yes! You are IN Him and He is IN you. It’s time to rejoice in God’s goodness and love because He is IN you and you are IN Him.

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