1 Timothy 3
September 26, 2014
Romans 8:37 – More Than Conquerors Through Him
September 27, 2014

Press In With Faith

plaster hand print

Matthew 9:29

29 Then touched he their eyes saying, According to your faith be it unto you.

In Chapter 9 are three examples of people who came to Jesus and pressed in with their faith for the needs they had. I encourage you to spend some time reading verses 18 through 30. I believe you’ll get a deeper revelation of what Jesus will do for you.

As I heard a teaching on these verses, I immediately had a picture in my mind and I could see the correlation of what it means to press in with faith. I’m sure you’ve seen the little plaques with a child’s handprint in plaster. Perhaps you even have some of your children’s or grandchildren’s handprints on your wall. Of course for parents and grandparents it’s a reminder of how little they were.

But let’s look at the hand print with a spiritual application. I see the plaster being God’s Word. Your hand represents your life. When you believe God’s Word and the finished work of Jesus on the Cross for your needs, you press in with faith to the promises of the Word. What happens when you do? Your pressing in leaves an impression. God’s handprint if you will on your life.

The impression is God’s Word comes alive in you. It’s not just knowing the Word but receiving a revelation of God’s power available for you. The Word renews your mind, your thinking. It makes an indelible impression in your heart, mind, and spirit, thus changing you from the inside out.

Jesus met each of the three people where they were, with the faith they had. He didn’t demand that they come up higher and be more spiritual before He would meet their need. He saw their faith and He responded. They received what they asked for, what they needed through faith—through their believing His word and His ability.

Jesus is the same today. His Word is the same today. It is alive, powerful, and will forever change the one who presses into it. Get your heart and mind ready to receive, and in faith believing, press into ALL that Jesus has for you. You’ll never be the same!

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