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September 24, 2014
John 3:17 – Not Condemned, But Saved
September 25, 2014

Romans 11:36 – It’s All Through Him

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Romans 11:36

36 For of Him, and through Him, and to Him, are all things: to whom be glory for ever. Amen.

You may have heard believers say ‘It’s ALL about Jesus’ when they share a testimony. However the Lord met their needs, transformed their lives, worked miracles in their midst, they have to all agree on this one thing: It is all about Jesus.

That’s what Paul is talking about here in Romans. Just a few verses earlier he bragged on the deep riches of God’s wisdom and knowledge, His goodness to us. There’s so much to our God that it will take not only our earthly lifetime but eternity to learn the riches of God toward us.

The life God has planned for each of us is rich and full—beyond our wildest dreams and expectations. He’s a loving Heavenly Father who has all of His goodness available to each of us whenever we come to Him.

I looked a little more closely at each of the prepositional words in Greek in this verse: of, through, and to. It broadens our understanding to be able to see MORE of who our God is, who Jesus is in our midst.

Of is a primary preposition that denotes origin, from, out, the point whence action or motion proceeds. But that’s not all. Look at the next preposition. Through denotes the channel of an act. Are you beginning to get the picture? The last preposition just adds to the deeper meaning of this verse. To has the idea of a cumulative force. (Strong’s Talking Greek & Hebrew Dictionary).

Everything that God has for us is from Jesus’ finished work because through Him flowed ALL of God’s goodness for you. You can rejoice today because of God’s goodness to you. You can rejoice because of what Jesus provided for you and will continue to provide in your life. It’s all about His love for you. That’s good news!

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