2 Timothy 1
October 2, 2014
2 Timothy 2
October 3, 2014

The Warehouse of His Provision

Warehouse picture shelves

Philippians 4:19

19 And my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.

Years back when Jack had been looking for a part-time job, he ended up working in a warehouse and quickly learned how to keep a warehouse stocked with products, to keep everything organized, categorized, and easily accessible. When asked to get a particular product ready to ship to a customer, he was able to quickly find it, pull it off the shelf, and prepare it to be shipped out.

Perhaps you’ve visited a warehouse type store to buy bulk amounts of household products. If so you can readily picture the ‘warehouse’ with its multiple shelves stacked nearly from floor to ceiling holding unending products.

How does that type of warehouse correlate to the Warehouse of Heaven? I’m glad you asked. I recall hearing about a minister years back that had an encounter with Jesus in Heaven. Jesus took him to a warehouse, and the man was amazed to see shelves and shelves full of arms, legs, hearts, lungs, and more. The man was puzzled and asked the Lord what it all meant. Jesus simply told him these were the provisions/supplies He had ready and available but many of His people didn’t take them. After that experience, the minister eagerly shared with people about the unending and available provisions that Jesus has for them.

I hope you can see that whatever lack you experience here on earth has already been provided for you through the finished work of Jesus on the Cross. I want you to understand that blessings and provisions are not waiting for you until you get to Heaven. You need them now, not in eternity. They’re available, and you receive them by faith.

What are your needs? Have you gone to God’s Warehouse? Whether it’s healing, restoration, financial needs, family relationships restored—whatever it is, God’s warehouse, HIS supply is able to meet your needs. Let His Word strengthen your faith in His promises. Fill up with what Jesus has already done and provided for you, and your faith will expand to receive all that you need.

God is good and desires for you to live in and out of the over-stocked abundance of His blessings. They’re yours.

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