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November 1, 2014
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November 3, 2014

John 6:47 – Zoe Life

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John 6:47

47 Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me hath everlasting life.

Too many times believers can gloss over this particular verse saying ‘oh, yeah, I know I have eternal life because I believe on Jesus’, and that’s where many stop. They’ve got eternal, everlasting life but they may not know everything that it includes. Let’s get a bigger picture and better understanding of the life that Jesus gives us. It’ll revolutionize your life!

Even those in Jesus’ day, including His disciples didn’t truly understand what He meant. Many knew that God would raise them up on the last day, but their understanding of real, everlasting life was really not complete until Jesus rose from the dead. Without His death, burial, and resurrection, there would be no eternal life. But He did rise. He is alive today, and because of that fact, you and I are guaranteed this eternal life if we believe on Him.

Those who believe in Jesus—trust and have faith in—have eternal life. It’s a guarantee by the blood of Jesus. Every believer has life everlasting as his possession, rightfully given to him because he believes in what Jesus has done for him. Every believer holds eternal life. It’s not a so-so life but life that some call perpetual life, everlasting. Eternal meaning it won’t ever quit.

WHAT is included in this life? The Greek word for everlasting life is zoe. And it refers to the God-kind of life. Vine’s Expository Dictionary says it is life in the absolute sense, life as God has it. Andrew Wommack also explains it as God-kind of life in abundance.

That’s the kind of life Jesus has given you. It’s full, complete, the God-kind of life. It isn’t lacking but is fully abundant of all that God is. And this zoe life is available before you get to Heaven as well.

If you’re not living in the zoe life that God’s provided, start focusing on Jesus and all that He provided for you through the Cross. God isn’t stingy but has an overabundance of goodness, love, and grace ready to pour out on you. It’s beyond what you can think or imagine. Believe Jesus so you can receive. Start living the zoe life today because it’s yours now.

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