1 John 4
November 24, 2014
Romans 11:36 – All Things Through Jesus
November 25, 2014

Matthew 18:20 – His Power In You

Matthew 18-20 700x400 Matthew 18:20

20For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.

Most Christians are familiar with this verse; in fact many quote it every time they gather at a church function. Let’s not gloss over it just because it’s familiar.

Jesus already emphasized the power of agreement in prayer in the previous verse (19): “If two of you shall agree…as touching anything they ask…it shall be done for them…:”. It’s not only being in agreement with other believers when you pray, but understanding that He lives big within you. The Living Word lives, abides, dwells in you both individually and corporately when you gather with like-minded believers. So as you come together in His name your focus centers on Jesus and on His finished work. He has already provided healing, wholeness, peace, deliverance, prosperity. Agreeing with His finished work together unites you in faith with God’s power. It’s like a threefold cord that is not quickly or easily broken (Ecclesiastes 4:12). That’s hooking into the power of God that is in you.

Let’s open our eyes and see His potential in our lives. He wants us to walk in a greater depth of His presence in us. He wants us to see the fullness of His power in every situation we encounter. Then when we unite with other like-minded believers lifting up needs in prayer and agree in faith for the fulfillment, He hears us. We have confidence knowing He hears us and we have what we ask for.

It’s time to get a bigger picture of the God who lives in us—in you. Not long ago I had a great opportunity to get together with a friend and enjoy a cup of coffee, and share about the Lord. As we recalled His faithfulness and ability, we were both encouraged. His direction and revelation came from that time and strengthened us both.

That was Jesus in our midst—in us—revealing His Word, His Life, His direction. Be aware of His presence as you gather together. Focus on what He’s provided and you’ll see a greater manifestation of His grace.

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