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December 12, 2014
1 John 2:27 – The Anointing In You
December 13, 2014

John 16:23 – Ask In His Name

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John 16:23

23And in that day you shall ask me nothing. Verily, Verily I say unto you, Whatsoever you shall ask the Father in my name, he will give it you.

Prior to this particular verse Jesus prepared the disciples for a time when He would no longer be with them. I’m sure they were still wondering about some of the things He mentioned and about the Holy Spirit who would come after He was gone. It wasn’t until after the resurrection that they began to understand. But here in verse 23 He gives them some good news. After He was gone they would have the ability to ask the Father for anything in His name. His name would give them cart blanche for any and all needs to be met. It would be a blank check and He had already signed His name thus authorizing whatever the request.

Cart Blanche – literally meaning a blank paper. This “paper” could be filled out listing the specific need(s), and the recipient instead of putting his own name would sign In Jesus Name, thus securing authorization for said transaction. It’s even better than the Price Is Right game where the contestant guesses the price of whatever they offer and fills in a blank check to bring the total up to a particular amount.

Jesus says that once He’s completed His work on the Cross, we can use His name for whatever we need. Why? Because He secured our salvation, our righteousness, our justification, our wholeness and healing, our joy, peace, etc. Every time we come before our Heavenly Father with a need we simply present the cart blanche of the Cross and the Name of Jesus.

Jesus gives us the right to use His name so that our joy in living His life in us here on earth would be full, complete, and to overflowing. He said I have come that they would have life and have it more abundantly. He doesn’t want us living a life of just getting by. He wants us walking in His blessings, enjoying the goodness of God.

What need do you have today? Believe His promise. Declare the name of Jesus and receive His provision, His healing in your body—whatever it is. You have cart blanche because He loves you.

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