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December 26, 2014
Revelation 1:4 – Who Is, Who Was, and Who Is to Come
December 27, 2014

John 16:24 – Full of Joy for the Asking

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John 16:24

24Hitherto have you asked nothing in My name: ask, and you shall receive, that your joy may be full.

The disciples didn’t totally understand everything that Jesus told them before His crucifixion and resurrection. They questioned among themselves as to what He meant when He told them they’d see Him for a little while and then they wouldn’t. Now Jesus proceeds to tell them once again the importance of asking the Father in His name and they would receive. He wanted them to know how much His Father loved them and desired that to give to them. He didn’t specify at this point what they were to ask for, but I think it included anything they needed. He reassured them that they would receive so that their joy would be full.

The joy He spoke of was not just a little happiness because happiness is dependent on circumstances. The joy Jesus spoke of comes from the Holy Spirit, from inside, and it is a spiritual force full of God’s power. Nehemiah said “the joy of the Lord is your strength.” You can’t manufacture joy or do your best to “work it up”. It comes from into your spirit from the Holy Spirit. It’s like cramming a container so full that hardly a drop or pinch more can be included. It is joy that totally satisfies and carries you through anything you face.

The Lord wants your joy to be FULL because He loves you and wants to live BIG in you. If you read on down to verse 27 you find that Jesus says His Father loves you because you love Him. That’s what He told the disciples. It truly gives your Heavenly Father great joy seeing you love Jesus and desire to be filled with Him. That’s why He wants you to ask in Jesus name for whatever you need.

Just as a loving father enjoys seeing the joy and excitement on his child’s face when he gives him something special, God enjoys providing and giving to you so that your are more than satisfied and filled with His joy. You can bring your needs to Him and in faith and thanksgiving know that He will abundantly supply. You’ll be walking in joy unspeakable, full of God’s glory.

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