It’s Time To Rest
December 2, 2014
Revelation 3
December 3, 2014



Announcing our book of short stories. They run the gamut of mystery, inspiration, comedy, tragedy, and Twilight Zone-ish. They will make you laugh (hopefully) and some will have you getting out the tissues. Some of the stories are historical based. For example, we were hiking in the Smokey’s and came across a graveyard. The Cruel Winter of 1909 came out of that graveyard visit. The stories are short so you can easily read one between chores. In case you thought we misspelled the word “potpourri” we spelled it like we pronounce it without the French accent. We invite you to enjoy these adventures with us.

Our Pot-Pourri of Short Stories Paperback – November 28, 2014

book cover short


Link – Our Pot-Pourri of Short Stories

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