Romans 6:8 – We Shall Live With Him
December 31, 2014
The Bell of Freedom
January 2, 2015

A New Year’s Liberation

IMG_0529-wideThere is something fresh, something new about the beginning of another year. The old year is passed and gone along with its memories, activities, and scars. New days are ahead and it’s time to move on. There will be new memories, new activities, and new opportunities for you to experience God’s goodness in your life and grow in your faith relationship with Him.

Jesus came declaring liberty to those held captive—those who were held in the bondage of sin in any form; those held captive in trying to please God by doing good works. Jesus proclaimed liberty and the restoration of God’s favor and love and fellowship. “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me…to proclaim liberty to the captives…” (Isaiah 61:1) Restoration of real freedom and liberty is yours today when you receive what Jesus has already done for you. He has brought you to this day, this New Year. What is yet ahead of you is freeing and liberating when you understand that you are no longer held by the past as a captive—you’ve been set free!

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