Free To Love
January 24, 2015
Free From The Consciences Of Others
January 26, 2015

Free To Be You

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There’s a song that we all need to hear over and over again because the take-away is so important. The song is Free To Be Me by Francesca Battistelli. She echoes the cry of so many today that made bad choices in the past and ended up paying for the consequences (dents in their fenders and rips in their jeans). To the rest of the world they can very well be considered undesirable, trash, not worth anything, but as she shares, it all changes when you’re on the shoulders of Jesus, being carried by His grace: but on your shoulders I can see I’m free to be Me.

God’s love and grace empowers you to be released from your past, no matter what that included. It gives you supernatural ability from Him to once again see the joy of life and the purpose He has for you, to know that you are loved beyond measure, and to be ALL that He’s created you to be. (Jeremiah 1:5—before I formed you, I knew you).

You don’t have to try to change to become like anyone else or do certain things to be more spiritual. You are FREE to be YOU!

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