Free Indeed
January 15, 2015
Not Just Freed Captives
January 17, 2015

Free To Make Mistakes

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Total freedom means free to make mistakes. In fact, unless you can choose you do not have freedom. Freedom means the right to choose. God gave Adam and Eve the right to choose. Had God not put the tree of the knowledge of good and evil in the garden and told them not to eat of it, they would not have had anything to choose. They would have no need of freewill even if they God created that in them.

God gave Adam and Eve the right to choose even knowing they could just as easily choose the wrong thing. We have that freedom restored. That makes religious people nervous. Religion says, “If you tell the people they have the freedom to choose, then they will choose wrong. That is just their nature. We have to tell them what to choose.” Wrong, that is not their nature. Born again man has a new nature. The old sin nature is gone. The believer does not want to sin. Sin has no dominion over them (Romans 6:14).

True freedom is the right to choose without condemnation or punishment. We choose life.


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