Grace Teaches Us Godliness
January 18, 2015
Free At Last
January 20, 2015

IF’s Don’t Count

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Don’t live in the future realm of ‘what if’ OR the past realm of ’if only’. You won’t find freedom in either of those areas.

You’ll notice the commonality of these realms is IF. IF is uncertainty. It is worrisome, full of fear. It is definitely not anchored in God’s love and faithfulness. God’s mercies—His grace and goodness—are new every morning.

If you’ve been caught in these realms, if that’s where you lived last year, it’s definitely time to remove these negative realms and thoughts from your thinking. Don’t be swayed back into their captivity because Jesus already set you FREE from all types of IFs. Philippians 1:6 says “…that He which began a good work in you WILL perform [do] it…” He is not the author of IFs. He is the author and finisher of your faith.

Today is the time to step away from the IFs. You’ll experience greater freedom as you change your mind about God’s love for you. As you renew your thinking and on purpose meditate on God’s love, you’ll experience more of His grace and goodness.

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