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January 16, 2015
Grace Teaches Us Godliness
January 18, 2015

Not Just Freed Captives

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If you’ve been bound by sin, addictions or habits or anything else, you may think that when you come to Jesus you’re still a captive, that you’re still a victim. I have good news for you. You aren’t!

The exciting news is that Jesus indeed transforms your life. He takes the old and gives you a new life, a new beginning. You’re a new person in Him. Whatever related to your former life is no longer relevant. You’re a child of the King, dearly loved. Paul Ellis puts it this way: “We are not just freed captives; we are kings and priests called to reign with Him” and that means you’re no longer a victim of your past, no matter what you did. You’ve been set free and are not captive any longer!

You’re not the addict trying to maintain a sober life now. You’ve been changed from the inside out by the power of God. And from that position of sonship, you are more than a conqueror who is able to withstand the lies of the enemy who wants to destroy you.

Take your place today as a conqueror in Jesus Christ! (Romans 8:37)

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