Free From the Sting of Death
February 11, 2015
God Has Already Answered Your Prayer
February 13, 2015

Heart Freedom

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Would you like to be free from daily troubles that affect you? You can’t always control what transpires around you, but you can change how you respond to the difficulties of each day by guarding your heart. John 14:27 clearly says we aren’t to let our hearts be troubled or afraid in any way over anything. The key is to guard your heart. Joseph Prince puts it this way: Our only responsibility is to guard our heart and God will guard everything else.

You can control what’s on the inside—what you allow and keep in your heart. It’s choosing to establish your heart in God’s Word, in His love and grace and not be moved by outward circumstances or situations. When you establish yourself in this way, the outside world will have less influence on and in you. Continually, on purpose each day, meditate on the Word that affirms Jesus is your peace; you are far from fear and destruction; and that you are established and growing stronger in His love and grace.

Let His promises and finished work take deeper root in your heart so you can experience a greater inner peace and the freedom of God’s grace.

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