Wherever You Go, Liberty Goes
February 3, 2015
Jesus Freed Us From Every Limitation
February 5, 2015

Rest Equals Freedom

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The more we walk in freedom/liberty of what Jesus has provided, the more at rest we are. Psalm 62:5 reminds us to remind wait only upon God; for our expectation is from Him. Our waiting is not full of worry or anxiety. It’s trusting and resting in Him.

Israel’s first battle after leaving Egypt was at a place called Rephidim which means “resting places”. They camped there, minded their own business even when the Amalekites came and attacked.

We can easily get out of our place of rest and not enjoy the liberty we have in Jesus. Our position is to stand our ground on His finished work and remain at rest. As we do, we are par-takers by faith of what is already ours. By faith we receive and thereby we walk in rest and freedom in peace.

No matter what you face, don’t move from your place of rest or liberty in what is already yours. The Lord is with you in the midst of your battles, and your position remains one of faith, trust, and rest. That’s where you’ll find greater freedom, peace, and joy.

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