What You Don’t Know
January 31, 2015
Wherever You Go, Liberty Goes
February 3, 2015

Rest Not Worry


Our forefathers had to battle to gain and ensure freedom and liberty from opposing forces. We call them pilgrims. You and I are foreigners in this world—pilgrims. We are in the world but not of the world (John 17:14). How can you understand real freedom apart from Jesus? You can’t.

No matter what situation or circumstance you encounter, you have the opportunity to exalt Jesus and what He has provided for whatever tries to steal your freedom. For the believer freedom is your place of rest. Joseph Prince says you’ll see God’s blessings when you cease striving and worrying, and simply rest in God’s goodness and promises made sure by the finished work of His Son.

Experiencing real spiritual rest believes what God says and doesn’t move from that position of faith and trust. It’s a rest of faith and it’s available to you.

Don’t allow worry or stress to exalt itself in your thinking or actions. You can be at rest or you can be in turmoil. Real REST is in your control. Choose rest and you’ll experience freedom.

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