We Are Kept Blameless Through Jesus
April 24, 2015
Rest In The Peace Of Jesus
April 26, 2015

Freedom To Receive

Laurel Falls

Do you know that as you receive God’s promises (His Word), it frees you? It’s a process that continues to build on each previous step. Just like when a child begins to walk they take a faltering first step. But the more they keep at it, they begin walking. Their progress grows by leaps and bounds and it’s not long before they are running.

It is the same process for you as a believer. The more you receive God’s Word into your heart, letting it transform your thinking, the more you will walk in His freedom, in His Grace. This freedom frees you from your past mistakes or failures. This freedom frees you to receive ALL that God has provided for you because He loves YOU. You are precious to Him.

Do you want to see God’s freedom and grace working more in your life? Receive His Word. Study it to believe and receive His promises, His finished work through Jesus for you. Romans 10:17 says “So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God.”

The freedom to receive God’s abundance is found in His Word.

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