Free From the Battle
April 22, 2015
We Are Kept Blameless Through Jesus
April 24, 2015

The Language of Freedom

Georgia Snow in Ball Ground

You may think at first that the language of freedom contains the words of the Declaration of Independence. Granted, they were written declaring this country’s freedom and privileges—unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness…” but the real language of freedom was instituted long before our country was formed. In fact, it begins in the Bible with the Old Testament with the language of the law, and the New Testament showing us the language of grace.

I like the way Escape to Reality explains it: “…Jesus lived under the Law, but on the Cross He fulfilled all the requirements of the Law so that we might live under grace. It’s a whole new way of life with a whole new language.”

The language of the law wasn’t and still isn’t freeing. It keeps you in bondage, trying to fulfill your own righteousness by your own doing. The language of grace is Jesus’ righteousness for you, signed, sealed, and delivered. John 1:17 says “…grace and truth came by Jesus Christ”.

It’s yours to believe and receive. Walk in the language of grace—peace, joy, restoration, healing, health, wholeness, plenty, favor, blessings, and more. Speak the language of His grace into your life.

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