God Will Never Let You Down
April 28, 2015
God Is Your Defense
April 30, 2015

Where Is Your Faith?

At The Beach

Where is your Faith? Is it only in your head? You can have head-knowledge of God’s Word and that’s a starting point. But to activate faith in God’s Word, faith must reside in your heart. How do you do that?

By believing. By allowing the Word to go from your head to your heart. Bill Winston explains it like this: There is no faith in your head but it is in your heart. Don’t try to figure out HOW God is going to do it for you, just believe with your heart that He WILL do it. 

I’ve heard people say “well, I believe the Word; but …” and they continue to speak unbelief. It isn’t residing in their heart. Faith comes by hearing the Word. Faith simply believes when it’s anchored in your heart.

Paul shows us this correlation in Romans 10:8. “The word is nigh you, even in your mouth and in your heart: that is, the word of faith which we preach.” I don’t think Paul could make it much clearer for us.

Hear God’s Word. Read and meditate on it. Let it fill your heart with hope and belief. As you do, you’ll walk in the power of God’s Word.

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