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June 25, 2015
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June 27, 2015

His Mercy Holds You Up

Psalm 94 18

The Psalms are full of encouragement for us, and Psalm 94:18 is just such a verse. “When I said, My foot is slipping; Your mercy, O Lord, held me up.” (my translation). I can really identify with this verse because at different times when Jack and I have hiked, I’ve had times when my foot has slipped. I read this verse and quickly recall God’s lovingkindness and protection preserving me along the trail.

You and I can be susceptible to slips and falls in this life, but He gives us power to overcome and stand secure and strong. Even a few times while hiking when I stubbed my toe, His hesed—mercy—was present protecting me from further trouble…like nearly falling off the side of a cliff!

It is God’s mercy—His hesed—His grace and lovingkindness that holds us up. He is never far from us because Jesus said He would never leave us or forsake us (Hebrews 13:5).

If you’ve stumbled in your Christian walk or you feel like your foot is slipping, you’ve got God’s presence and protection through Jesus holding you up. Rely on Him, and trust His goodness and love. You’re in good hands and your walk will be secure.

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