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July 27, 2015
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July 29, 2015

Continue in Grace

continue in grace

To continue with something means at one time you were doing something in particular and should continue with it. Maybe you started taking further education courses but stopped for whatever reason and someone encouraged you to continue with that pursuit again. We can all start something, but continuing with it is more difficult for many people. Life’s demands often change our schedules, but don’t allow the demands to change your position in God’s grace.

Paul told the early church to continue in the grace of the Lord (Acts 13:43). It wasn’t because they were not walking in God’s love and grace, but they’d been persuaded by others that their works were more important, emphasizing that by doing them they were righteous, approved, and even blessed. That emphasis overrode God’s grace, and Paul urged them to go back where they knew God’s grace and continue walking in that.

No matter what the demands are today for you, continue in God’s grace—in His ability in you to meet all the demands. Continue in His grace, His unmerited favor, His overwhelming love, His abundant peace and joy. The grace of our Lord be with you.

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