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July 25, 2015
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July 27, 2015

Faith’s Genealogy

faith genealogy

I’m sure you’ve seen a ‘Family Tree’ or even done one for your family. It is especially helpful for family members to see their genealogy, to understand who is in their extended family particularly when members are no longer living.

Did you know there’s a Faith Genealogy that you have as a believer? Paul points it out in Galatians 3 when he speaks of Abraham believing God. Believing God allowed Abraham to be in right standing long before the law. Then Paul goes on in verses 7 and 9 to say that “they which are of faith, the same are the children of Abraham…and they which be of faith are blessed with faithful Abraham.”

You are blessed with faithful Abraham when you believe God’s Word. When you receive God’s fulfilled promises through Jesus, you align yourself with those in the household of faith. All that Jesus did on the Cross for you makes you a child and heir of God, and a joint-heir with Jesus (Galatians 3:29, Romans 8:17).

Your faith genealogy is rich and full. It’s all about Jesus and what He has provided. Display His love and riches in your life and show off your God.

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