July 5, 2015
Celebrate Dependence Day
July 7, 2015

Getting to the Other Side

crossing lake

I read the passage in Mark 4 the other day and several things that caught my attention in chapter four, but I want to look at verse 35 in particular. Later in the evening after Jesus taught the people He told His disciples they were going across the sea to the other side. “On that day, when evening had come, he said to them, “Let us go across to the other side” (Mark 4:35, ESV). He didn’t tell them He hoped they’d go across or that maybe they’d make it across. He said “let’s go across to the other side”. Jesus had a destination in focus. He wasn’t going to be deterred, even when a storm came upon them in the boat.

You’ll recall I’m sure how the disciples basically panicked when a storm arose and said they were going to drown. But what had Jesus told them? “Let’s go across to the other side”. How often do we hesitate or panic in our walk of faith? When we’re prompted to ‘go to the other side’, do we think up all kinds of excuses, or panic because things look too hard?

If Jesus said you’re going to the other side, He’ll make sure you get there! Keep trusting Him, no matter what you face. He’ll always lead you in peace and freedom!

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