Love Is Patient
July 9, 2015
When Scriptures Seem To Contradict
July 11, 2015

Rely On The Teacher

Rely On the Teacher

The other day we saw how we have the Holy Spirit within us as our teacher. He wants to help, teach, guide, and encourage you in the truth, power, and freedom of God’s Word each day.

He’s eager to be wrapped up in all the events of your day. He’s never too busy or uninterested. Jesus sent His Holy Spirit to encourage and strengthen you in the Word of His grace. So, if you need wisdom for a particular situation, seek Him and receive encouragement in the Word. Expect Him to show you what is needed. It might be one of those ‘lightbulb moments’ when the Word comes alive because the Teacher is guiding, preparing your steps.

1 Corinthians 2:10 says that there are things which we don’t know right now or even ahead in our lives, “but God has revealed them to us by His Spirit.” Life can sometimes take us by surprise, but nothing surprises God because He knows the beginning from the end, and He’s already prepared good things for you. Rely on and trust the Holy Spirit to reveal God’s truth, His goodness and love to you. Life’s exciting when He’s leading you.

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