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July 11, 2015
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July 13, 2015

Survive or Thrive?

Kansas Sunset

Running errands the other day and listening to our Christian radio station, I heard Casting Crowns singing Thrive, written by Mark Hall and Matthew West. This upbeat song will definitely minister encouragement to you. Several lines of the song struck me because I think it’s where many believers are. “We know we were made for so much more than ordinary lives. It’s time for us to more than just survive. We were made to thrive”!

Are you surviving or thriving?

Don’t just survive. Learn to THRIVE—in God’s living Word, in His love, in the grace of Jesus. Thriving is more than just existing and getting by each day or going through each week with the same old, same old. Thriving is experiencing and living out the zoe life Jesus gives. It’s living life at its fullest—full of God’s blessings, grace, favor, wholeness, healing, peace, prosperity, joy, and so much more!

Thriving is renewing your mind and opinion about God, allowing Him to change you from the inside out. All you have to do is receive His love. That’s when you’ll begin to know true freedom and THRIVE.

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