Just A Thought for August 10
August 10, 2015
Just A Thought for August 11
August 11, 2015

Not Forgetting

Rely On Teacher 1

You and I can be such forgetful people. We come home and throw our keys somewhere and then wonder where they are the following morning when we’re running late for work. We intend to mark our calendar with important dates and fail to do so until we receive a call reminding us of a previously scheduled appointment. If we don’t remind ourselves of things that affect our lives, we could miss something important.

In Psalms 103:2, David encourages us to remember and not forget the benefits of righteousness. “Bless the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits:” KJV

Through Jesus’ finished work on the Cross we’ve received God’s riches. God isn’t stingy and He certainly has more than enough for every person who lived, is living, and will yet be born. His supply will never run out because He is a giving, blessing God.

You and I need a bigger picture of ALL the benefits of our righteousness. We’ll delve more into our benefits in the days to come, but let’s determine right now that we won’t forget His benefits. We’ll remind ourselves daily, and walk in that truth.

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